Terms of Service

Last updated: Feb 15, 2021

Sets out below are the terms and conditions of the booking agreement. Please read them carefully. When we receive a completed booking form, you (and any other person on whose behalf you book) agree to accept all of these conditions.


 The payment schedule as follows:
• Deposit payment of 200 euros/ 250 USD per person must be paid to confirm your booking
• Final payment must be paid 45 days prior to departure
• Balance of Payment:
We will send an invoice for the final payment approximately 50 days before the trip commences.
We reserve the right to cancel any reservation for which the full payment has not been received 30 days before the trip begins.

Whenever we have begun to offer our support from the purpose of your appearance in Mongolia, no discounts will be made for unused outing courses of action in any way, shape or form. There will be no discount given for unused lodgings, dinners, touring, journey days or some other charges once the outing has started. The expense is provided as a bundle cost estimate and credits are not given for administrations not utilized.


 • By bank transfer: please transfer deposited amount via SWIFT to our bank /Bank details will be send on your request/ 28 days prior your arrival day and all bank charges are charged to the senders account. Then either scan and email to info@mongolianlivestock.com or fax your transfer receipt to +976 77175555.
• By Credit Card/ Online Payment: You can pay both via credit cards such as Visa, Master, JCB and Union Pay cards. Then email it back to us info@mongolianlivestock.com (when paying by credit card by online 4.2% will be added on the amount due to bank charge).
• In case you prefer other methods of payment, as CC, Traveler Cheque or cash, please contact us at info@mongolianlivestock.com


1. Cooperation 

In the event that you have decided to go by mongolianlivestock, you should pay the store at the hour of reservation and should pay the remarkable equilibrium at any rate 45 days before the takeoff date of your excursion. 

In the event that you register inside 30 days of takeoff, the full expense ought to be paid at the hour of enlistment. 

You and your colleagues should be in reasonable state of being to attempt the campaign as set out in your picked schedule and become completely mindful of the potential dangers innate in experience travel. You are dependable to paying for or accommodating your very own gear, tips, air terminal assessments, the expense of visas, inoculation, extra food and drink, individual going through cash, travel protection, and some other exercises or arrangements excluded from the agenda. 

2. Documentation 

Preceding the appearance mongolianlivestock will furnish you with: 

a. Visa backing and general data about identification and visa prerequisites. 

b. Mongolian Fact File, Kit List, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) File. On the off chance that you have any ailments or uncommon dietary requirements you are answerable for illuminating us well ahead of time of your planned appearance. You should guarantee that your movement records, full identification, and visas are all together and will stay substantial for the whole length of your visit in Mongolia. We can offer general guidance on these issue however such prerequisites are liable to change and we can't be considered mindful in the event that you don't check current necessities before your takeoff. 

3. On the off chance that you change your vacation 

In the event that you wish to change your movement plans in any capacity, after our affirmation receipt has been given, for instance, you pick an alternate takeoff date or change the inn, we will put forth a valiant effort to oblige these changes, however this may not generally be conceivable. Kindly educate us about potential changes as ahead of schedule as conceivable least 30 days before your appearance. Any solicitation to change your movement courses of action should be made recorded as a hard copy by the individual who made the booking. In the event that the expense of the outing which you had booked initially is higher than the expense of the new course of action, the distinction will be directed by our Cancellation Policy (see above). On the off chance that the expense of the revised or new agenda is higher than the first one, at that point the additional expense of the new travel course of action will be invoiced. 

4. On the off chance that you have any grumbling 

On the off chance that you have a grievance emerging out of what we have consented to accommodate you kindly let us know at the most punctual chance. In the event that an issue emerges during your excursion, it is significant that you exhort the Tour Guide, Leader and the providers in the main occurrence who will try to put things right. On the off chance that your grievance can't be tackled locally you ought to educate us inside 14 days regarding getting back to your nation of origin, recorded as a hard copy, with any remaining significant data. Your letter will be given brief consideration. In the event that you neglect to follow this straightforward methodology we can't acknowledge duty, as we would have been denied of the chance to explore the matter and ideally amend any issue. 

5. Protection 

It is fundamental that all travelers are completely covered with trustworthy travel protection cover prior to setting out on vacation. Protection should cover individual mishap, clinical costs, loss of impacts, bringing home expenses and any remaining costs that may emerge because of misfortune, harm, injury, postponement or burden.