Aaruul or Mongolian curd cheese is one of the main foods of Mongolian nomadic peoples. They prepare a sufficient amount of milk products in summer, when is the favorable time for pastoralists to get output of livestock, and they consume the products in other seasons. They make different dairy products depending on what type of animal they keep: sheep, goat, camel, horse, cow or yak. It is not common to produce aaruul or other cheeses from mare’s milk or camel’s milk because these are usually made into unpasteurized airag (fermented mare’s milk) and khoormog (fermented camel’s milk).

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Generally, the Bankhar was an indivisible piece of the roaming herder's life. The conventional hello when moving toward a Mongolian ger is to say "Hold your canine!"  In Mongolia, Bankhar canines are believed to be "of a similar soul" as people, and canines are the solitary creatures that are given names. At the point when a Bankhar passes on, its remaining parts are normally positioned on top of a mountain so it is nearer to the divine beings and soul world, thus that individuals don't stroll over its bones.

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