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Altai Tavan Bogd (National Park)

The western piece of Mongol Altai mountain range reaches out from north to south, proceeds more than 900 km from the western piece of Mongolia to all through Govi-Altai area. There are Khoton, Khurgan, Dayan, Khovd, Khar Salaa, Tsagaan Salaa, Songinot, Yolt waterway bowls which is encircled by high heaps of Mongol Altai mountain range. Completely inspired mountains are restricted by disintegration, valley affidavit and between mountain discouragements. Khoton, Khurgan, Dayan are enormous lakes started from ice and 250 little lakes situate there. 96% of Mongolia's icy masses are situated in Mongol Altai Mountain Range. The biggest glacial mass in Mongolia, the Potanin glacial mass, lies 20 km from the base of the Tsagaan River, with an absolute region of 24 sq. Km. The absolute bottom of the Mongol Altai mountain range is Khurgan Lake in 1800 meters. Mountain earthy colored soil and glades are ruled with rocks. The five most noteworthy pinnacle of the Altai Mountains, the Khuiten pinnacle of 4374 meters, the Nairamdal top 4082 meters, the Malchin pinnacle of 4037 meters, the Eagle heap of 4068 meters, the Olgii pinnacle of 4050 meters. 

Canvases, stamps and letters are regular on rocks. These are the authentic and social legacy of 2500-3000 years. The Altai mountain deer sculpture is recognized from the deer sculpture of the Khangai Mountains, which reflects horse instead of a deer. There is likewise a sword, an enormous sun and a little moon is cut on the facade of the sculpture, and some of the time a bolt shooting a sun. There are numerous graves and burial chambers which identifies with old time and Hunnu, Turkic, Uyghur, Mongol Empire in this public part. Be that as it may, specific time or period is indistinct. There are in excess of 30 stone burial places in Mogoit and Onkhot valley. There are 2 extremely intriguing stone burial chambers with regards to the Khoton nuur. There are grave burial chambers nearby Shar Bulag, Yoltiin Kharbain Salaaa, Chikhertei, Jalanash and Songinot. As a home to the Kazak and Tuva ethnic gatherings, it is conceivable to advance the movement program to present their lives, customs and way of life. We have been creating mountain traveling visits in the area and Mongolian climbers initially moved to Khuiten top in 1956. 

The delightful idea of high mountain bluffs, ice sheets, mountain knolls and steppe biological system is the area territory of vertebrates, for example, argali, ibex and neglected deer alongside winged animals, for example, snow rooster, vulture, and whiskery vulture. It is particularly reasonable for the improvement of mountain sports and regular the travel industry. 636161 hectares of region was ensured by state exceptional insurance as per the State Ikh Khural Resolution No 43 of every 1996. The Mongol Altai Mountain Range Administration is situated in Altai city of Bayan-Ulgii aimag and is liable for the insurance of the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Siilkhem's National park, Devel island common save region. There are 1200 types of plants in this locale, of which 131 species are woody and bushes and 889 species are herbaceous plants. A little piece of Mongol Altai Mountains have a scatter larch timberland. There are a panthers, otters, Altai argali, ibex, and red deer which has been recorded in the Red Book. Water winged animals accumulate in huge amount to the lakes and lakes. In mountain and timberland areaa, there are savage winged animals, for example, Bearded Vulture, (Ёл) Eagle, Buzzard, Falcon and exceptionally uncommon fowls altain khoilog, ogoolei shulganaa, bortsgor khoton, gangar swan, dark stork, gull, and field goose. Three types of fishes, for example, Mongolian grayling, Altain osman, and blabbermouth osman is basic in streams. As indicated by President Elbegdorj's announcement, the Altai Bogd mountain turned into a holy mountain August 24, 2012 .


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