Perhaps the most widely recognized conventional Mongolian food sources that you'll discover in a migrant family is the straightforward however delicious "chanasan makh". It is made by bubbling meat, bones, and innards together in salted water at that point leaving it to stew and gradually cook for a few hours. That is it! The meat (lamb more often than not, obviously!) becomes more delectable and more delicate the more it is cooked for. 

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Eezgii is another dried-cheddar conventional Mongolian food that is especially mainstream among itinerant families. It's additionally another great illustration of how significant meat and dairy are to conventional Mongolian ways of life. Eezgii is made by joining two dairy items to make a third one. In case you're lactose-prejudiced you might need to bring along your own bites while remaining with an itinerant family in Mongolia. 

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Nomadic Mongolians make different dairy products depending on what animals they keep. Herds of sheep, goats, camels, horses, cows, or yaks are most common and all produce milk which is then used to make a variety of other food or drinks, which are often kept to be consumed in winter. Aaruul is one of these traditional Mongolian foods, usually made in summer when ingredients are plentiful, then eaten throughout the year.

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Aaruul or Mongolian curd cheese is one of the main foods of Mongolian nomadic peoples. They prepare a sufficient amount of milk products in summer, when is the favorable time for pastoralists to get output of livestock, and they consume the products in other seasons. They make different dairy products depending on what type of animal they keep: sheep, goat, camel, horse, cow or yak. It is not common to produce aaruul or other cheeses from mare’s milk or camel’s milk because these are usually made into unpasteurized airag (fermented mare’s milk) and khoormog (fermented camel’s milk).

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Tsuivan is a Mongolian noodle dish that is generally set up with sheep and different vegetables. The noodles are customarily made by hand and they're steamed or cooked along with diced meat and vegetables. Individuals some of the time supplant lamb with hamburger, camel, and even pony meat, while the vegetables utilized in the dish ordinarily incorporate onions, peppers, cabbage, carrots, or potatoes. 

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Boodog is a traditional Mongolian roast typically made with whole goat that is filled with hot stones, potatoes, and onions so that they are cooked within its skin. Apart from goats, the roast can also be prepared with whole marmots. The stones should have a smooth, round surface – the smaller ones usually go into the upper legs, while the larger ones are placed into the abdominal cavity.

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At the point when Mongolians head to the wide open for a get-away, they like to an exceptional sort of cooking known as khorhog. The interaction includes warming stones and putting them alongside meat and vegetables into a metal canister that is fixed closed. The pressing factor is the thing that winds up cooking it, yet here and there, you don't have a metal canister to utilize. All things being equal, most will utilize a bowl with a cover firmly got by some methods.

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