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Khovsgol Nuur (National Park)

The lake was started around 7 million years back. It is situated all through Alag-Erdene, Renchinlkhumbe, Khankh, Chandmani-Undur amounts of Khovsgol aimag and 101 kms from north of Murun. It is 2760 square kilometers, 34-36 kilometers wide, 136 kilometers in length and 262 meters down. It is situated at 1645 meters over the ocean level. The length of the coastline is 414 kilometers which stands second in Asia. Waste bowl of the lake is 5,300 sq km that holds 46 waterways and streams. It represents 1% of the world's freshwater. About 70% of the lower part of the lake is 100 meters down. There are 9 types of fishes, for example, Siberian grayling, omul, herring, lobster fish, red-eye, and roost. It begins to freeze in September however totally canvassed by ice in late November while it begins to dissolve in May yet here and there it keeps its ice until the start of June. Khovsgol lake is nearby its age to Baikal lake in regards to old time structural development breaks, and in light of its tectonical profundities, the coastline is vigorously extended and caught and is covered with a promontory, a lofty bed with rocks and precipices. 

It is encircled by high mountains and is encircled by Khoridol Saridag mountain reach and Bayayan mountain range at 3000-3200 meters toward the southwest. Exceptionally steep shores to the sides however a tad incline in left sides. The western piece of Lake Hovsgol is the Darkhad Depression bowl. The Darkhad Depression is probably the coldest spot in Mongolia. There are four islands in Lake Khuvsgul: Modon Khui, Khadan Khui, Dalai Khui and Baga Khui. The biggest of these is the "Dalain Khui", which is around 126 meters high above water surface, 3 kilometers in length, 2 kilometers wide, 5.8 square kilometers wide and tottally covered with woods. The "Khadan Khui" Island has a high-height bluffs and shakes, such countless feathered creatures assemble. "Modon Khui" has an exceptionally excellent climate. Water straightforwardness is 24.5 m. There are bronze age cavern works of art close by the shore. 

Lake Khovsgol is very profound, and heats up to 50 meters since summer is short. The surface water temperature doesn't surpass over 18 ° C, subsequently it is the coldest lake in our country. The lake is oval molded structurally stretching out along the longitudinal, 133.4 km long from north to south, 39.5 km from west to east and 2612 km. This lake has a volume of 380 km3 and it is second in Asia and fourteenth biggest on the planet. Khovsgol lake contains 93.6 % of absolute surface new water of Mongolia and 1% of world new water. 46 waterways and streams in absolute stream into Khovsgol lake yet just a single waterway Eg roots from this lake. Numerous turbid streams are filled this lake, however the water is straightforward. Clear cutoff is 22.9m in the focal point of the lake and 14.3m along the shores and stream banks.

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