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Khuisiin Naiman Nuur

There are eight lovely lakes in the mountains of volcanic ejections and inclines which is situated in the valley of the delightful Khangai mountain range, 45 kilometers northwest of Uyanga entirety, Uvurkhangai aimag. These lakes are called Shireet, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Doroo, Onon, Khuis, and Bayan-uul which are 2700-3165 meters above ocean level. The lakes are found 500m to 3km between one another and the biggest are Shireet Lake. Khuisiin Naiman Nuur have mountain taiga soil and encompassed by coniferous and Siberian dark trees, cedars, plain steppe of volcanic shakes, and uncovered pinnacles. 

Here are some dead volcanic boxes named as : Urt Jalgiin Togoo, Doviin Togoo, Ar Bituugiin Togoo, Nogoon Nuuriin Togoo. The Khanbayan fountain of liquid magma emitted which found north of the Khangai Mountains and hot dissolve substances coagulated which upset the Tsagaan-Azarga stream current and shaped the lakes. Aside from uncommon spices fill in this district, 18 types of warm blooded animals and 39 types of flying creatures live forever and transitory. An aggregate of 11.5 hectares of land including the Naiman Nuur and encompassing regions were secured by the State Special Protection under the class of Natural Attractions in 1995. It is described by its interesting characteristic arrangements and view, since it is situated behind Khangai Mountain's fundamental piece of Shuranga, Gyatruun, Bituu, Zes Ulaan, Tsegeenii Khunias, Iv and it is loaded up with the valley of the forested heaps of the Orkhon River. In the woods organization, the leaves and coniferous woodlands are principally developed and 85% is larch and cedar, and 1% is aspen sort of verdant tree. 

The Khaliut, Bugat and Khuis lakes are associated by little streams and the lakes are significantly decreased when the downpour is low. Since Dr. Dulmaa had coordinated fish reproducing to the main lake Shireet, omul fish has been brought and reared to Khalut and Bugat Lake from Lake Baikal. An enormous stone goes over in the street from Uyanga whole to the Khuisiin Naiman Nuur which is called Shurangiin Tsokhio. There is a legend that If you can toss stones over this stone, your craving will be satisfied.

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