The Altai argali, the biggest wild sheep species, is quite possibly the most lofty species around the world. Perceived for their gigantic, spiraling horns that can grow up to six feet in length and alone may weigh 59 lbs (27 kg), the argali sheep is considered by individuals in Altai to be a consecrated image and irreplaceable asset. The name "argali" means "wild sheep" in the Mongolian language.

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Found east to Ulaanbaatar, 50km away from the city, Gorkhi Terelj is the nearest National Park to Ulaanbaatar. Wonderful green region and captivating stone developments with various ger camps, five star lodgings and caf├ęs will invite you to the top objective for travelers in Mongolia. 

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Kharkhorin - In 1220 Chinggis Khaan set up the capital of Mongolian realm on the fruitful fields along the Orkhon River. This is called Kharkhorin, 373 km from Ulaanbaatar city. Kharkhorin is situated at the lower end of the upper valley of the Orkhon River, which is part if the World Heritage Site Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. The area denotes the eastern lower regions of the Khangai Mountains. Kharkhorin town populace is 8,977 (2003), city zone is 20.5 km2. 

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The Yolyn Am Valley (Ice Field) is one of the incredible ravine in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National park. Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National park is situated in Southern Mongolia. The Gobi Gurvan Saikhan is end of the Altai Mountain Range. Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park which is a carefully secured zone, covering 70sq.kms. The National park was estamblished in 1965. There are numerous a lovely valleys in the National park. Yolyn am Canyon is generally famous and delightful one. 

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There is a late vanished basalt fountain of liquid magma which had been emitted on the banks of Terkhiin Tsagaan lake 8,000 years prior in the domain of Tariat aggregate, Arkhangai territory, which is 180 km from Tsetserleg city. There are many concealing safe house zones, and it is 2210 meters above ocean level, and has an extraordinary developments of jagged rocks, inclines, slopes and gives in. At the northernmost edge, there is a Khorgo carton, which has a width of 200m, 70-80 meters down, 30-36 levels of plunge.

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The lake was started around 7 million years back. It is situated all through Alag-Erdene, Renchinlkhumbe, Khankh, Chandmani-Undur amounts of Khovsgol aimag and 101 kms from north of Murun. It is 2760 square kilometers, 34-36 kilometers wide, 136 kilometers in length and 262 meters down. It is situated at 1645 meters over the ocean level. The length of the coastline is 414 kilometers which stands second in Asia. Waste bowl of the lake is 5,300 sq km that holds 46 waterways and streams. It represents 1% of the world's freshwater. 

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The western piece of Mongol Altai mountain range reaches out from north to south, proceeds more than 900 km from the western piece of Mongolia to all through Govi-Altai area. There are Khoton, Khurgan, Dayan, Khovd, Khar Salaa, Tsagaan Salaa, Songinot, Yolt waterway bowls which is encircled by high heaps of Mongol Altai mountain range. Completely inspired mountains are restricted by disintegration, valley affidavit and between mountain discouragements. Khoton, Khurgan, Dayan are enormous lakes started from ice and 250 little lakes situate there. 96% of Mongolia's icy masses are situated in Mongol Altai Mountain Range.

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There are eight lovely lakes in the mountains of volcanic ejections and inclines which is situated in the valley of the delightful Khangai mountain range, 45 kilometers northwest of Uyanga entirety, Uvurkhangai aimag. These lakes are called Shireet, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Doroo, Onon, Khuis, and Bayan-uul which are 2700-3165 meters above ocean level. The lakes are found 500m to 3km between one another and the biggest are Shireet Lake. Khuisiin Naiman Nuur have mountain taiga soil and encompassed by coniferous and Siberian dark trees, cedars, plain steppe of volcanic shakes, and uncovered pinnacles. 

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Best excursion to Darkhan Uul region is Darkhan city visit. Numerous eateries, lodgings are open the entire year around and neighborhood visit organizations offers many short excursions to close distance or even far north to The Republic of Buryat, Russian Federation. Little and wonderful Darkhan city, yet to be found by everybody. Darhan had a place with the valley of Orkhon River and Selenge River, and is situated at Burkhantiin khondii close to Haraa River. 

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