Morin khuur ( horsehead fiddle)

Morin khuur ( horsehead fiddle)

January 23, 2022 0 By admin

It tends to be said fittingly that the historical backdrop of the Mongols was made by ponies. The Mongols used to fight bringing a greater number of ponies than men. Mongols had a pony armed force that came over just in one day when it was assessed 3 days. Mongolians made an instrument for their most dearest horse. Tovshuur, Ekhil, Tsoor, Khulsan khuur and the Morin khuur or horse head fiddle are exceptionally old stringed instrument. This instrument was initially made by the old Hunnu. The upper piece of the instrument is adorned with a pony’s head, so it is known as a pony head fiddle.

The Morin Khuur is firmly identified with Mongol ponies and Mongolians. Each Mongolian house-hold honor morin khuur by hunging khadag around it and putting it towards treasure. There was a decorum saying : Having a morin khuur is full-home having no morin khuur is lost-home. Morin Khuur is an image of harmony and delight. One who learns Morin Khuur first plays ambler pony’s step. Mongol ponies were the principle mainstays of the Mongolian military’s pride and solidarity. Genghis Khan assembled 200,000 horsemen armed force and bring 400-800 thousand ponies. Along these lines, students of history accept that the principle power of the Mongolian armed force was a pony and Genghis Khan made their solidarity. In present day times, the Morin Khuur was overwhelmed by proficient performers instead of people.

Since 1940s, the conventional Mongolian songs and the world works of art were played on morin khuur which stands apart its individual execution. In 1992, a Mongolian Morin Khuur Ensemble was set up and as of now working with more than 30 individuals. In 2002, the President of Mongolia gave a declaration to advance morin khuur, and afterward all Mongolian families and associations have been regarding horse-head fiddle. Morin Khuur was enlisted to UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2003.

The advancement of the cutting edge morin khuur is straightforwardly identified with G.Jamyan who has built up another technique for playing morin khuur. He, when all is said and done, used to play violoncello and it was refreshed by dependent on it, which was a vital turn. At that point, from 1940s and 1950s, the Morin Khuur emerged from the home and was played into the show lobby. Morin Khuur instrument had been improved by Russian master D. Yarvoy and his Mongolian associates. Around then, the morin khuur was made such that violin is made, changing its abdomen with wood, coming about its tone was improved and it had the option to defeat the difficulties of the climate. The following phase of the change was that the morin khuur was created in numbers by the manufacturing plant, which was the 1990s.