National Museum of Mongolia

National Museum of Mongolia

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Museum of National History

The National Museum of Mongolian History was established in 1991. It gives a superb outline of history and culture of Mongols from ages as ahead of schedule as the Stone Age and up to the cutting edge days. Among 15 thousand displays of the historical center are floor covering and silk things of the Hun time frame and calfskin boots of a Mongolian fighter of that time.

Its’ should see for all first time guests to find out about the extraordinary 2000 year old practice of Mongolian statehood. Visiting this exhibition hall prior to voyaging anyplace in Mongolia will give you great information on nation’s practice and migrant way of life that you can find, all things considered, later.

It has 11 lobbies including the Ancient history, Ancient States, Traditional garments and gems, Mongol Empire, Culture, Traditional way of life, 16-20th century Mongolia, Mongolia under Bogd Khaan, Socialist Mongolia, Democratic Mongolia and a transitory show lobby.

The first floor makes them interest displays on petroglyphs, deer stones (stone figures of reindeer and different creatures) and entombment destinations from the Hun and Uyghur periods. The second floor houses an exceptional assortment of ensembles, caps and gems, addressing the greater part of Mongolia’s ethnic gatherings.

The third floor is an absolute necessity for enthusiasts of the Mongol swarm. The assortment incorporates genuine instances of twelfth century Mongol Armor, and correspondence between Pope Innocent IV and Guyik Khaan. Written in Latin and Persian and dated November 13, 1246, it bears the khan’s seal. There is additionally a showcase of customary Mongolian culture with, in addition to other things, an outfitted Ger, conventional cultivating and homegrown actualizes, seats and instruments.