Dornod Province Mongolia

Dornod area signifies “East” in Mongolian, welcomes you to follow its steppe expressway and appreciate the beaten path to see the magnificence and wild experience of own. Dornod territory got comfortable the eastern piece of the Khentii mountain range, smooths out into the prairie steppe. The region is famous for its streams, lakes, mineral underground aquifers, wild creatures, birds and common stores. Ugtam uul Nature Reserve, a paradise of pine, birch, normal spices and Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area, a home of 15 uncommon cranes, gulls, ducks are the most wonderful characteristic settings of the space.

Neighborhood milestone Buir lake is the biggest freshwater lake in the eastern Mongolia possessing 615sqkm zones, that was a customary social occasion place for Mongol clans throughout the long term. The lake is encircled by bramble and wealthy in fish, for example, taimen, carp, lenok, pike and endemic dark fish.

Dornod is an ideal spot for chronicled touring with Kherlen Bars city of Khidan domain, Wall of Chinggis Khaan, Ikh Burkhant complex, man stones from Turkic period, Battlefields of Khalkhiin gol waterway; Statues of Khalkhiin gol war, telling mark of Jukov, the Commander of the Red Army, burial places of Soviet soldiers and some more.

The country’s most significant Buddhist site 26.5m sculpture Ikh Burkhant, a huge leaning back Buddha Janraiseg was worked by honorable man Tovan in 1864. It is initially cut into the slope by white stones. The banks of Khalkhiin gol stream draws in war students of history in light of the fight against Japan in 1939. Many conflict remembrances committed to respect the Russian and Mongolian officers who passed on around here.

Going through the previous war zone is very moving experience, as it has additionally been for returning Soviet and Japanese officers. Mongolia’s most un-populated area with just the raging gazelles on the field is the last wilderness of the universe of experience.

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