Mongolian Drink : Airag

Supplement bountiful, hot quality and harsh taste. Contrasted and other creature milk, it is better for egg whites, nutrient, and milk. Methods for different nutrients, for example, amino acids and unsaturated fats, are better than some other creature milk. One liter of airag can meet the every day needs of nutrient C in human body. Horse milk oiliness is just about multiple times lower than that of the cow’s milk, yet it is portrayed by the softening of moderately low temperature and quickly ingests into the body and is interesting with its treatment quality. Russian researcher P.Ulmanlin demonstrated that tuberculosis microscopic organisms can not increase in horse’s matured milk and airag’s fat. Female horse milk sythesis is fat 2 percent, protein 2.2 percent, lactose 6.6 percent and nutrient C 2.5-8.5 milligram. Mongolians have been making and utilizing airag for a very long time. Female horse’s milk contain 6 to 8 percent sugar. Airag’s sugar breaks down to carbonic corrosive and liquor when airag gets aged. To mature airag, horse’s new milk is cleaned, stressed and blended in with yield alongside multiple times shakes. In Airag, there are practically all nutrients A, C, B, and E which are required for human wellbeing. Airag is better than cow’s milk and calcium, phosphorus, cobalt, and copper. It is significant for the treatment and sustenance of the microorganisms. One liter of horse’s airag contains 20 grams of fat, 23 grams of protein, 35 grams of sweet and contains 453.7 kcal calories.

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