Found east to Ulaanbaatar, 50km away from the city, Gorkhi Terelj is the nearest National Park to Ulaanbaatar. Wonderful green region and captivating stone developments with various ger camps, five star lodgings and cafés will invite you to the top objective for travelers in Mongolia.

The public park covers the southern piece of the Khentii Mountains, North and south Gorkhi, Zaan-Terelj waterway bowl and Tuul River source. With 2929km square region Gorkhi-Terelj National Park has a great deal to bring to the table regarding attractions. The fundamental attractions incorporate Turtle Rock, Khuukhen Mountain, 100 Monks Cave, Ariyabal Temple, Bolor Cave, Gunjiin Temple and Terelj Zuun Mod.

Also, the most popular one is Turtle Rock and a large portion of the ger camps and lodgings encompass this region. The Turtle Rock is roughly 24m tall and molded like a turtle. There are two unique fantasies about the Turtle Rock and both propose the stone contains a fortune within it. What’s more, directly adjacent to the stone there is a mountain called Khuukhen Uul which means Woman Mountain. The shockingly comparable shape to a lady setting down gave the name to the mountain which likewise has various legends about it.

You can discover 100 Monks Cave or Three Friends Cave while in transit to the Turtle Rock not long before you arrive at it. The legend says priests used to stow away inside this cavern during the socialist cleanse time or even before that. In any case, strategically the cavern is not even close to large enough to shroud 100 individuals so the name was a finished embellishment. What’s more, the other name was given after a film called “Gurvan Naiz” (Three Friends) shot there in 1958.

Likewise while in transit to the Turtle Rock you can see the Terelj Zuun Mod (Hundred Woods) just after you pass Nalaikh. This is the place where the battle between Galdan Boshugtu Khan and the western armed force (Manchurian armed force) occurred. In this fight the celebrated Oirat lord Galdan endured an extraordinary loss and later ended his own life before the Manchus caught him. Also, due to that every one of the fantasies of spots around the Gorkhi-Terelj zone is associated with Galdan Boshugtu Khan somehow including the recently referenced attractions.

With respect to Ariyabal Temple and Gunjiin Temple, individuals generally pulled in to the view. Ariyabal Temple was implicit 1998-2004 for the motivations behind reflection so there isn’t a lot of history included. Then again, Gunjiin Temple or Princess Temple has a set of experiences however just the remnants of it remained today. It was worked after a Manchurian princess who was hitched to a Mongolian sovereignty Dondovdorj kicked the bucket in 1740 to respect her dedication to Mongolians. In her words, she needed to get covered under Mongolian soil despite the fact that she was a girl of the Manchurian ruler.

All in all, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park gives the same amount of captivating history as it has stunning view. You can go around and investigate attractions or you can simply unwind constantly in the excellent wild. Likewise, you can attempt exercises like riding ponies and camels, air expanding, bows and arrows, driving ATV/UTV, etc. Anyway you decide to do as such, the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park will invite you to its spectacular territory.

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